General FAQ for Beginners

Q: What is Sisterlocks?

A: Sisterlocks is a natural hair management system that creates tiny style-able locks. These locks are different from Interlocks and Microlock techniques because Sisterlocks are a microlocking techniique that allows your locks to behave as if they were strands of loose hair. This means that women with any type of textured hair can take advantage of a wide range of today's hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair or add any products heat or extensions.

Q: Can I get Sisterlocks if I have relaxed hair?

A: Yes. Though the transition will take more time, your hair care professional who is trained in Sisterlocks techniques can help you make that transition. Your styling options will increase as your natural texture grows out.

Q: Do I need to have 'fine' hair for Sisterlocks to work?

A: Not at all! In fact, the coarse, thick, 'nappy' hair is one of the best textures for Sisterlocks. Your natural abundant texture adds body and makes styling easier. Any texture will thrive with Sisterlocks, but this definitely not a "good hair" type of system. This system shows women that we ALL have good hair!

Q: Does this mean that once I get Sisterlocks, I can still change hairstyles?

A: Yes! Sisterlocks is a lot less limiting than extensions because it is your natural hair. You can curl it, flatiron it, braid it, wear a ponytail, cut it, spray or mousse it, wet set it or freestyle, or even wear bangs and parts - You name it and you can do it!

Q: Can Sisterlocks be taken out?

A: Technically, yes, though the procedure is so tedious, you will not want to get Sisterlocks with that intention. Anyway, once you discover the range of freedom with Sisterlocks, you won't want to go back! Finally, there is a way of celebrating the natural beauty of our hair with Sisterlocks!

Q: How long does it take to do Sisterlocks?

A: The initial locking process takes about two thirds as long as getting extensions of comparable size. For short length hair this means about eight to twelve hours (maybe longer!). The beauty of Sisterlocks is that tightening them as your hair grows out is extremely simple, since there are no extensions to remove and re-set.

Q: Can I do the locks myself?

A: This is never advised. Not all hair types require the same locking technique. The stylist at Naturally Adorned Beauty is thouroughly trained to give you locks that will be best suited to  you. I can also give you styles and  grooming tips that will ensure the lasting beauty of your locks.

Q: Will I have to get my hair professionally retightened forever?

A: Only if you want to continue to be pampered by Naturally Adorned Beauty. But an alternative is that once your Sisterlocks are well established you can take a Retightening Class to learn how to maintain your own hair. This is great for when you travel, or when you have to miss an appointment, or if you just want to save a little money. But remember that with great hair comes great responsibility. You should continue to see Naturally Adorned Beauty consultants 2-3 times a year for to keep your Sisterlocks looking beautiful!

Q: Will Sisterlocks cause my hair to break or thin?

A: Just the opposite! Sisterlocks is a gentle technique that requires no chemicals, no excessive tightening, and causes no damaging abrasion to the hair or scalp. You will find  that with regular care, your locks will grow and grow, and your styling options will increase.